About Us

This company was established at the end of the Second World War by Lorenzo Montalbano. He started by opening a small factory on the outskirts of Bagheria. In 1956 Paolo La Rosa took over the firm and is currently still running it, eventually it will be handed down to his children. Today 'Pirolandia s.r.l.' is managed by Giuseppe La Rosa.

Out company is situated in Bagheria, but over the years our reputation has grown spreading all over Sicily, Italy and even abroad. We try to transmit our passion for this activity to all the people who assist our displays by finding the perfect harmony and synchronization between sound, rythm and the symmetrical effects of the coreography. To obtain these results we are equipped with the 'Fireone ignition system' which functions via cable and is radio controlled. This system is considered the best in the whole world.

Ignition system

FireOne “Digital firing system and Choreography system”

This system allows perfect automation in the firing sequence when put to a musical base, which is what a muscal fireworks display requires.

This type of display requires that each special effect or group of effects are fired in synchronization, in time to the music, following each upbeat and each downbeat. The music is usually played at a very high volume during the display.